BlogJunction At a Glance:
  • Cost: — $5,100 - $6,300
  • Powered By: — WordPress
Ideal For:
  • 3 -5 new posts per week
  • Occasional edits to existing content
  • Categorized and searchable archives
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Need a robust way to keep your content organized and add new information without spending all your free time working on your website? BlogJunction, featuring the flexibility of WordPress, an industry-leading, open source weblog software package, may be the answer. If you have multiple types of updates you perform on a regular basis (for example, press releases, job openings, and new events), but don't want to personally manage the bulk of your website, BlogJunction is for you.

In short, BlogJunction has been designed for organizations that still want to keep things simple, but want to provide a certain depth to their updates.

Every website we build includes the following:

In addition, BlogJunction provides:

Want the extra features of a full-powered Content Management System? Our CMSJunction package may just fit the bill.

Or, if a blog is exactly what you need but you'd prefer to use a free WordPress Template rather than a custom design, a substantial discount may be available.

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